Creative Community Builders

We provide towns, cities and neighborhoods with the tools they need to change their communities for the better.

Creative Community Builders is a team of consultants, researchers and planners dedicated to helping communities. Working with towns, cities and regional organizations across the country, our team is uniquely positioned to build strategies and plans that lead to vibrant and prosperous futures.

We bring research-driven insights to fuel our work creating collaborative community relationships that are meaningful and sustainable.

The Creative Community Builder's Handbook

The Creative Community Builder's Handbook: How to Transform Communities Using Local Assets, Arts, and Culture,
gives you successful strategies, best practices, and "how-to" guidance to turn cultural gems into
effective community change.

"The 21st century's key guide on the secrets of
untapping, recognizing, and building richer
community life together".
- Neal Peirce
Washington Post Writers Group.

Home is not where you live but where they understand you.